Display Suite Layouts

Display Suite is a great way to manage the layout of content types and paragraphs simply without writing any php or yaml. Simply install the module and on the "manage display" tab choose a layout mode and place the fields where you like. Bones comes with responsive layout styles for these layouts:

  • Two column layout
  • Fluid two column layout
  • Two column stacked layout
  • Fluid two column stacked layout
  • Three column - 25/50/25
  • Three column - equal width
  • Three column stacked - 25/50/25
  • Fluid three column stacked - 25/50/25
  • Three column stacked - equal width
  • Four column - equal width


Example Display Suite 2col Responsive Layout

I won't be your prisoner. You'll have to kill me.

Unidentified vessel travelling at sub warp speed, bearing 235.7. Fluctuations in energy readings from it, Captain. All transporters off. A strange set-up, but I'd say the graviton generator is depolarized. The dark colourings of the scrapes are the leavings of natural rubber, a type of non-conductive sole used by researchers experimenting with electricity. The molecules must have been partly de-phased by the anyon beam.


Run a manual sweep of anomalous airborne or electromagnetic readings. Radiation levels in our atmosphere have increased by 3,000 percent. Electromagnetic and subspace wave fronts approaching synchronization. What is the strength of the ship's deflector shields at maximum output? The wormhole's size and short period would make this a local phenomenon. Do you have sufficient data to compile a holographic simulation?